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Our all new Solar Colour Pro monitor is bigger and better. The display is larger and clearer, whilst maintaining the easy to read colour display. The solar panel is bigger, for improved charging performance. And the monitor now features our ‘LF’ technology that allows it to work with ALL of our sensors – standard TCSO’s, commercial grade TCSE’s and our TCSI internal sensors

Great value for money, easy to fit, and accurate. Monitors vehicle tyre pressures and temperatures, and provides the data on a clear colour display.

The Solar Colour Pro Monitor features an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It can hold it’s charge for days. When the battery is low it can be re-charged using the solar panel or a USB lead. The Solar Colour Pro Monitor can display up to 99psi, and handle a maximum of 7 wheels!
Maximum signal range is 7.0m. But this can be boosted by another 7.0m using our Smart Signal Repeater.

Specifically designed for cars, and motorhomes, the Solar Colour Pro Monitor is light and small, and can find a home in most vehicles. It’s even been used on light aircraft! The ability to work with our commercial grade sensors also means it’s perfect for Telehandlers and other plant and agricultural vehicles.

For vehicles already fitted with TPMS the Solar Colour Pro Monitor can be used to monitor trailer and caravan tyres.

If you have a motorhome and you tow a car, using an a-frame, why not buy two Solar Colour Pro Monitors. You can then independently monitor the tyres on both vehicles!

Click on the product images to find out more and purchase the kit that suit your needs today. Don’t forget your club discount code!

Our TPMS kits help you:
Save Fuel – Correctly inflated tyres reduce rolling resistance, and save fuel
Save Tyres – Correctly inflated tyres run cooler, and wear less
Enjoy The Drive – Allowing you to focus on driving
And if you need further help please email us at sales@tyrepal.co.uk