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TyrePal TeleTPMS is a web-based fleet management tool that empowers fleet managers to ensure that tyres are correctly inflated at all times. It provides continuous fleet-wide tyre pressure monitoring.

With tyres correctly inflated, fuel economy is improved, the danger of breakdown and accident is reduced and life of tyres is extended.

The manager can see the location of all the vehicles in the fleet, with status indicated by coloured markers. Any tyres that require attention can be seen at a glance and a vehicle view shows the current TPMS data for any selected vehicle.

Continuous monitoring while the vehicles are in motion gives warning of punctures so action can be taken before a tyre is permanently damaged, and tyre temperature monitoring virtually eliminates the danger of a blowout or tyre fire.

The system not only checks while the vehicle is in motion, but continues to check while parked, so the current status of tyres is available before the vehicle is loaded. Tyre data can be reviewed at any time for any vehicle in the fleet and is available for download for audit and driver training.

The TyrePal TeleTPMS system is suitable for all kinds of vehicle fleet including fleets of HGVs with trailers, bus and coach fleets, and fleets of trailers.


The TyrePal J1939 CANbus TPMS enables tyre pressure and temperature to be continuously monitored via CANbus instrumentation, and is designed for use in buses and commercial vehicles with up to 10 wheels.

The system gives alerts when tyre pressure or temperature are outside pre-set levels or when pressure is falling, such as from a puncture. It provides regularly updated tyre pressure and temperature readings

  • Alerts if a tyre pressure is outside pre-set limits

  • Alert if a tyre is overheating, indicating an over-stressed tyre – a potential blowout

  • Alert if pressure is falling, such as from a puncture

The system consists of standard TyrePal battery-powered sensors on each tyre and the receiving module that connects into the CANbus. Our TCTH-3 hand-held reader is used to program sensors to the receiving module and to set the pressure and temperature thresholds.

All of our external and internal sensors can be installed on the tyres, where they check temperature and pressure and transmit the data at 433MHz to the receiving module connected to the CAN bus.

To find out more about our Fleet TeleTPMS and OEM CAN-bus systems please contact us at sales@tyrepal.co.uk