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Save Fuel / Save Tyres / Enjoy The Drive

There are two key elements to our TPMS kits:

1. Wheel Mounted Sensors (external or internal)

2. Vehicle Monitor

The two components communicate with each other using proprietary wireless technology.

The wheel mounted sensors are fitted with small micro-chips that accurately detect pressure and temperatures, and using an integrated battery that transmits data to the monitor. 

The signal range is 7.0m  This range can be boosted using a Signal Repeater.  A chain of Signal Repeaters can be used to boost the signal for very long vehicles  

The sensors are pre-calibrated.  Once fitted they immediately transmit the gauge pressure within the tyre.

The monitor receives data from the sensor.  The data is translated in to information that is clearly displayed, providing the driver with real-time tyre pressure and temperature data for each wheel.

The monitor provides clear audible and visual alarms should an issue occur with a tyre.  The driver will receive alarms for:

Slow punctures

Excess tyre temperatures, which can lead to blow-outs

Excess pressure

Fast leakage

Fitting one of our TPMS kits will allow you to:

Save Fuel / Save Tyres / Enjoy The Drive