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Not all ‘new car’ tyre pressure monitoring systems are the same!

Some new cars are fitted with TPMS called “secondary tyre pressure monitoring”.  These systems measure the change in wheel speed when a tyre looses pressure.  A tyre with low pressure will have a smaller rolling radius, and it will rotate faster compared to the other tyres.  If the vehicle detects this change in wheel speed it assumes the tyre pressure is low and alerts the driver.

New vehicles fitted with secondary tyre pressure monitoring do not provide the driver with up-to-date information on the vehicle’s tyre pressures and temperatures.  And they do not alarm if a fast leak is detected.  The TyrePal system is accurate, and responsive, and provides the driver with peace-of-mind that the vehicle’s tyres are operating as intended.

We would recommend our neat TPMS kits for any new car fitted with secondary tyre pressure monitoring.  But how can you tell your car has secondary tyre pressure monitoring? – It’s easy: if the valve stems are flexible rubber the vehicle has secondary tyre pressure monitoring.