Our tyre pressure monitoring sensors are designed to operate in the toughest of environments.  We have a sensor that will fit your requirements.

Our external sensors are easy to fit.  Just remove the tyre valve dust cap. and screw on our sensor.  It’s really that simple!

We offer four external sensors:

TCSO – Used in all of our trailer and caravan kits, and specifically designed  for cars, vans and motorhomes

TCSE – Our standard commercial vehicle sensor

TCSF – Based on our TCSE commercial vehicle sensor, but utilising flow through technology, that allows the sensor to remain in place whilst air is added to the tyres

TCSH – Based on our TCSE commercial vehicle sensor, but feature a more rugged construction, and a thread fitting for ‘large bore’ Schrader valves.  This sensor is specifically for heavy construction machinery.

We produce an internal sensor, specifically for cars, caravans and trailers.  This sensor will only work with TyrePal monitors, and is not a replacement for vehicle internal sensors.

Our internal sensor is OEM fit on Bailey Caravans, but is equally suited to a discrete fitment on a cherished classic car

The table below provides a guide to sensor selection

LF Pairing Technology – Some of our sensors are equipped with LF Pairing.  This pairing method allows the sensor to be paired to the monitor by proximity.  During sensor and monitoring pairing simply bring the monitor close to the sensor, and it will detect and pair the sensor quickly.

Sleep Mode – Some of our sensors are designed to go to sleep.  Our smaller and more difficult to replace sensors feature a sleep mode to preserve battery life.  The TCSO and Internal sensors will go to sleep.  They wake-up through detection of motion.

Our TCSE, TCSF, and TCSH sensors are “Always On”.  These sensors do not sleep, and continuously transmit.  These are larger sensors, due to the larger batteries needed.  For applications requiring instant tyre data when the vehicle is started these sensors are ideal.

Click on the images below to find out more and purchase the sensors that suit your needs. And if you need further help please email us at sales@tyrepal.co.uk