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Telehandler TPMS

Tough environments require tough products.TyrePal are a long established supplier of proven reliable and rugged TPMS kits for telehandlers and agricultural vehicles We have developed a simple, cost effective TPMS kit specifically for Telehandlers.Rugged and easy-to-use.Fit the four valve sensors, and position the solar charged monitor in the cab, and you’ve got TPMS installed!

Reduce Breakdowns & Accidents – Real-time tyre pressure monitoring is critical on Telehandlers. A flat, or under-inflated tyre, can contribute to the Telehandler toppling. Detecting low tyre pressures is not easy whilst on-site, but is of vital health and safety importance.

The vehicle operator can inspect and check the tyres at the start of the working day, only to obtain a puncture moments later. Our commercial grade pressure sensors, combined with an in-cab monitor, and always-on sensors, detect tyre pressures and within 5 seconds provide an audible and visual alarm if a leak or puncture occurs. Fast detection allows the vehicle operator to stop their operation, and resolve the tyre issue safely