Tough environments require tough products.  TyrePal are a long established supplier of proven reliable and rugged TPMS kits for telehandlers and agricultural vehicles

Our systems can measure from 2 to 22 wheels, and pressures up to 188psi / 13 bar

Reduce Breakdowns & Accidents – Real-time tyre pressure monitoring is critical on Telehandlers. A flat, or under-inflated tyre, can contribute to the Telehandler toppling. Detecting low tyre pressures is not easy whilst on-site, but is of vital health and safety importance.

The vehicle operator can inspect and check the tyres at the start of the working day, only to obtain a puncture moments later. Our commercial grade pressure sensors, combined with an in-cab monitor, and always-on sensors, detect tyre pressures and within 5 seconds provide an audible and visual alarm if a leak or puncture occurs. Fast detection allows the vehicle operator to stop their operation, and resolve the tyre issue safely.

Click on the image to the right to see the components you need to build your own telehandler TPMS kit.  And all the components are available below to purchase today.

All kits require a TC215 monitor.  A TCRR-2 Signal Repeater is highly recommended for Telehandlers.

Choose from three sensor options:

TCSE – Our standard heavy duty commercial vehicle external sensor

TCSF – The same technology as our TCSE sensor, but featuring a ‘flow-through’ design that allows the tyre pressures to be adjusted without removing the sensor

TCSH – The same technology as our TCSE sensor, but featuring a thread to suit ‘large bore’ Schrader valves

Select the TPMS components from the images below, and purchase on-line today.

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