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Caravan Trailer TPMS

We offer a range of high quality and tough TPMS kits for people wanting to monitor tyre pressures and temperatures on their car or motorhome with a caravan or trailer.

Our proven TC215B monitor combined with our TCSO sensors provides a versatile tyre pressure monitoring system that can be modified and upgraded to suit your future needs.

Our TPMS kits help you:
Save Fuel – Correctly inflated tyres reduce rolling resistance, and save fuel
Save Tyres – Correctly inflated tyres run cooler, and wear less
Enjoy The Drive – Allowing you to focus on driving We provide five standard TPMS kits specifically for caravans ands trailers. All kits feature our rugged TC215B Monitor and TCSO external sensors. The monitor can measure from 2 to 22 wheels, and up to a maximum of 99 psi / 6.8 bar. The kits are pre-assembled with everything you need to get started. Choose from our 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 sensors kits below, and purchase today.

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If your monitor is greater than 7.0m from the furthest sensor we highly recommend purchasing our TCRR-2 Smart Signal Repeater. This clever device boosts the signal over longer distances.

If you own a Bailey caravan already fitted with our internal sensors you will need to purchase the TC215OEK monitor only option. This monitor is also designed to work with our internal sensors.

If you need further help please email us at sales@tyrepal.co.uk