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Motorhome TPMS

We recommend our latest, bigger and better Solar Colour Pro Monitor, as our best value and easiest to fit kit. Supplied with easy to install pre-registered TCSO external sensors, that simply replace the tyre valve dust cap. With a maximum range of 7.0m from sensor to monitor this system can measure between 4 to 7 wheels, and tyre pressures and temperatures up to 99psi / 6.8 Bar and 80ºC.

If your motorhome has TPMS, is fitted with rubber valve stems, and provides a tyre pressure warning light only, then your motorhome or van is fitted with an “indirect” sensing system. These vehicles detect tyre pressure through changes in the rolling radius of the tyre as its pressure reduces. The “indirect” sensing systems do not measure tyre pressure. These systems can be slow to detect changes in tyre pressure. Our sensors are a useful addition to the “indirect” tyre pressure systems, providing the user with accurate tyre pressure information and faster warning should a problem occur.

Please check your motorhome’s valve stems – you may need to fit valve stem extenders if they are too short -The minimum valve stem thread length required is 9.0mm

Our TPMS kits help you:

Save Fuel – Correctly inflated tyres reduce rolling resistance, and save fuel
Save Tyres – Correctly inflated tyres run cooler, and wear less
Enjoy The Drive – Allowing you to focus on driving
Select the product images below to purchase the TPMS kit that is right for your needs. And if you need further help please email us at sales@tyrepal.co.uk