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The TC215 monitor is our do-it-all monitor. All of our sensors will communicate with this monitor, including our internal sensors.

The TC215 monitor can display up to 188psi / 13 Bar, and can handle a maximum of 22 wheels!

The TC215 Monitor features an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It can hold it’s charge for 60 hours of continuous use. When the battery is low it can be re-charged using the charging lead provided, or it can be hard-wired to the vehicle electrical system using a special adaptor harness.

Maximum signal range is 7.0m. But this can be boosted by another 7.0m using our TCRR-2 Smart Signal Repeater Specifically designed for all towing vehicles – HGV’s, tractors, and cars – it features an innovative Link button that allows the trailer to be disconnected from the monitor, providing TPMS for the tow vehicle when the trailer is not in use.

The monitor is equally at home in vehicles ranging from huge shovel loaders, and mobile cranes, to classic day cars.

The monitor uses our ‘LF’ pairing technology to communicate with sensors fitted with this easy to use technology. Our internal sensors are paired using ‘LF’, and because of this it is the only monitor suitable for Bailey Caravans with our OEM fit internal TPMS sensors.

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