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TPMS for Plant Machinary | Construction Site Safety

Plant Machinary TPMS

When you think of construction site safety, it’s easy to start at height – scaffolding, overhead cables, roofing – and overlook what’s right in front of you at ground level.

Construction sites can be harsh environments and over time, tyres on plant and equipment can fail, causing delays to construction projects, costly repair bills and in some cases, injury to site operatives.

With a proactive approach, incidents of tyre failures can be prevented, making for a safer working environment for all concerned. Surely, music to the ears of crane operators as well as the HSE!

By fitting a simple TPMS kit to plant such as mobile cranes, the operative can monitor tyre pressures from the safety of the cab and act before any blowouts or tyre failures occur.

What’s more, with the rising cost of oil, keeping a watchful eye on tyre pressures will make the most of fuel efficiency as under-inflated tyres will result in higher fuel consumption. An expensive commodity.

Slow punctures can take time to detect, and in the meantime, additional strain is put on the rest of the crane. Under, or over-inflated tyres can cause overheating and sudden deflation or blowouts.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) kits are an affordable solution, and can be fitted by the plant owner, although the TyrePal team are always on hand to advise if needed. Wheel-mounted sensors are applied to each wheel of the vehicle, which feed data from each tyre to a monitoring consul in the drivers’ cab.

If you’re still not sure whether it’s a worthwhile investment, spare a thought for those injured in incidents of crane tyres exploding unexpectedly. A simple monitoring system could make a life-changing difference to your plant, as well as the safety of your team.