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The TCRX-7 J1939 CANbus TPMS module enables tyre pressure and temperature to be continuously monitored via CANbus protocal, and is designed for use in buses and commercial vehicles.

Our TCRX-7 J1939 CANBus TPMS module allows vehicle manufacturers to integrate tyre pressure and temperature data within the vehicle display and control systems.

The TCRX-7 module works with all of our commercial vehicle sensors – TCSE, TCSF and TCSH – as well as the TCSO external and the TCSI Internal sensor

Alerts if a tyre pressure is outside pre-set limits

Alert if a tyre is overheating, indicating an over-stressed tyre – a potential blowout

Alert if pressure is falling, such as from a puncture

The system consists of standard TyrePal battery-powered sensors on each tyre and the receiving module that connects into the vehicle CANbus. Our TCTH-3 hand-held reader is used to program sensors to the receiving module and to set the pressure and temperature thresholds

Buy our CAN-Bus and TCTH-3 Hand Held Reader below

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