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Our best selling, award winning tyre pressure monitor!

Great value for money, easy to fit, and accurate. Monitors vehicle tyre pressures and temperatures, and provides the data on a clear colour display.

The Solar Colour Monitor features an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery.  It can hold it’s charge for days.  When the battery is low it can be re-charged using the solar panel or a USB lead

The Solar Colour Monitor can record up to 99psi / 6.8 Bar, and measure temperatures up to 80°C

Maximum signal range is 7.0m.  But this can be boosted by another 7.0m using our Smart Signal Repeater

Specifically designed for cars, and motorhomes, the Solar Colour Monitor is light and small, and can find a home in most vehicles. It’s even been used on light aircraft!

For vehicles already fitted with TPMS the Solar Colour Monitor can be used to monitor trailer and caravan tyres.

If you have a motorhome and you tow a car, using an a-frame, why not buy two Solar Colour Monitors.  You can then independently monitor the tyres on both vehicles!

This kit is for the monitor only


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