Tyre pressures off road

Off road, it’s easy to pick up a puncture or to loose pressure on deflated tyres. It’s hard to feel, but if you keep going you can quickly destroy a good tyre.Tyre  pressure monitor off-road

Advance warning

When a driver shredded a brand new tyre on this Swiss-built Pinzgauer 4×4, Steve Tolan, Director of Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust in Zambia decided to fit a TyrePal. Under these off-road conditions, a flat tyre is not always obvious from the driving seat and Steve realised that by monitoring tyre pressures, they would have advanced warning of punctures. The cost of a TyrePal could be recovered by saving just one tyre.

Standard system

The four tyres run at around 36 and 42 psi so the system used was the standard four-wheel car system TD1000 that operates with cold pressures of up to 60psi. Despite the arduous conditions, the TyrePal is continuing to work well.

More on the system

The system is the standard TyrePal TD1000. External sensors just screw onto the tyre valves in place of the standard valve caps, and they transmit signals to the monitor in the cab. The driver is immediately alerted in the event of a problem. There’s more about this system here. Or you can see the system specification here

More on the story – baby elephant

The Pinzgauer was involved in the attempted rescue of  a baby elephant who took an unexpected interest in the TyrePal sensors. You can read more about that in our news pages here.