TPMS for Minibuses

Continuous accurate tyre pressure monitoring can improve minibus safety and economy.

Small stems for minibuses

Continuous accurate tyre pressure monitoring

TyrePal’s advanced systems check the pressure and temperature of all tyres even while you are driving,so you can be sure your tyres are correctly inflated.

Clear alerts are given for pressure loss due to a puncture or leaking valve, and also for low pressure or high pressure.  A warning is also given if a tyre is overheating – a sure sign of excessive stress that can lead to a blowout.

A TyrePal system simplifies checking tyre pressures and can help minibus operators to discharge their duty of care to both passengers and drivers.

Recommended tyre pressure monitoring system for minibus

Four wheels – TB99 system

TyrePal tyre pressure monitor

TyrePal TB99

4-wheel minibuses can use our standard car system, TB99. This system continuously displays the pressure of all the tyres and temperature can be displayed by pressing a button. Alerts sound if a pressure falls below a pre-set level or if a tyre temperature rises above a set level. A leak or puncture triggers an immediate alarm.


Six or more wheels – TC215B system

Tyre pressure monitorTyrePal TC215B can monitor up to 22 tyres on the minibus and a towed trailer if required. It constantly scrolls through all the wheel positions being monitored and displays both pressure and temperature. Clear diagnostic alerts are given when appropriate.

See full details here, or select the number of sensors required to see pricing or to order. Prices are shown including VAT.

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