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  1. if i needed the signal booster how easy is it to fit or woulod i need to visit an auto electrician?

    • The signal booster just needs to be connected to a 12V supply. This is a fairly simple job that can be done by most users without an needing an auto electrician.

  2. I have damaged the charger and need to use it straight away what should the output voltage be going into the unit?

    • For the TA22 system the required charging voltage is 5 Volts, which is why we strongly recommend using only the supplied charger.
      Most available power adapters have a 12V output which will DESTROY the monitor. Such damage is NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY.
      We keep stock of replacement chargers.

    • A copy of the TA22X instruction booklet can be downloaded here.
      Choose the TA22X from the “products” page and then click on the “support” tab. You will find the appropriate link on the page.

  3. Well done Tyrepal. The TA22X/6 is a brillant piece of equipment for my car and caravan giving both peace of mind and driving economy. Save for a couple of stupid set up issue on my part which you were only too happy to help me out with (trying to put the battery on top of the metal cage bar as per picture instead of placing them inside the cage and not noticing the holder arm release button)it was pretty staight forward. I thought I might have a distance issue with it picking up the caravan wheels but it seems to detect them well in excess to your stated maximum distance when the car is detached from the van. A must for every caravaner if he values his life and van.


  4. I have a 4×4 plus caravan and another car. I only drive one at a time. Do I need two systems, or can I buy one head unit and enough sensors for both cars and then just move the head unit between cars. Many thanks.

    • You really need two sets.
      If you are prepared to move the sensors from one car to another as well as the monitor, you only need one set, but it would be more convenient to have one set for each car.

  5. Are you suggesting the TC215 system would be better for a car and caravan than the TA22X system?
    What advantages has the TC215 over the TA22X?

    • TC215B has some advantages over TA22X:
      1 The display is bigger and clearer, and displays continuously while the vehicle is in motion. To read the pressures on TA22X you need to press a button.
      2 TC215B shows the reason for any alert in words rather than as icons.
      3 The LINK button on TC215 enables you to instantly switch off caravan monitoring and switch it on again when the caravan is reconnected.
      4. If you adjust the car rear tyre alert levels when not towing, the change takes effect immediately with TC215 systems. With TA22, it takes about 20 minutes for the new settings to come into effect.
      5. The locking system for sensors is different. TA22X uses a separate locking ring. The TC215B sensors have lock screws directly on the sensor body.

  6. my towing vehicle has tyre sensors i only need sensors on 2 trailer wheels so what system will i need ?.

    • TA22X/2 Tyre safety monitor with two sensors. If the distance between the monitor and the most distant tyres exceeds 7.5m, we recommend a signal booster. The booster is powered by the vehicle’s electrical system and should be wired to a 12 to 30V supply.

  7. What do you have to do to check tyre pressure, and pump up tyre, while the sensor is in place?

    • On the display monitor, a push button enables you to scroll through the wheels to display the actual pressures and temperatures.
      The sensor needs to be removed when one wishes to pump up the tyre. Just unscrew it, pump up the tyre then screw the sensor back on.

  8. I already have tyre pressure monitoring on my car, and I have just purchased a 4 wheel trailer.
    I would like to have the tyres on the trailer monitored.
    If I purchase your product, would there be any conflict with my current product?
    My intention would be to buy a 4 wheel monitor from you,
    and use it at the same time as the the other system.
    The systems would be monitoring 4 tyres each.

    • There should be no problem.
      The TyrePal sensor signals are encoded and communicate at 433MHz. They comply with strict international requirements about causing and accepting radio interference, so they won’t interfere with any other system.

  9. If I were to purchase the TA22X set up to monitor a van (6 wheel) and a caravan (4 wheel) as a complete unit, what happens when the van is solo and not towing, does Tyrepal know when the caravan is attached or not ?.
    Also what happens when the tyre needs reinflating, does the sensor need ‘setting up’ again.


    • If you have sensors on both a towing vehicle and a towed trailer such as a caravan or a towed car, when you no longer have the trailer attached the TA22 system will recognise this and will show “noS” (no signal) on the display. It can take some time before this appears and during this period the pressures shown for the trailer are those which were detected before the towing vehicle went out of range of the trailer. When the system does finally show “noS” there will be a single beep.

      When the towing vehicle returns within range of the trailer no action is necessary and it will take about 20 minutes for the system to display the correct pressures of the trailer. However if you begin to tow during this period and a problem arises then the system will detect and warn you within six seconds as normal.

      If the monitor is showing “noS” because the monitor is out of range of the sensors the sensor low battery alarm can be ignored.

      On the new TC215 system, just pushing a button allows you to select or deselect trailer monitoring. This is ideal for caravans and motorhomes with trailers.

      The systems retain the settings and do not need to be set up again when you re-inflate a tyre

  10. If I lay up my motorhome for the winter will the sensor batteries run down or should I remove the sensors from the tyres for the layup period

    • The sensors have their own built in motion detectors. Thus they will enter “sleep” mode a few minutes after being staionary. This way they will prolong their battery life. With regular use the CR1632 Lithium Metal batteries should last 10-12months. If the vehicle is not being used for more than 2 months we would recommend taking the sensors off of the tyres to minimise corrosion risks.

  11. Hi,

    Is this fit and forget? ie can I leave caranvan for 2 weeks, then pick up caravan, turn monitor on and drive off or do I need to reset the pressures each time?



    • YES. With all of our systems, there is no need to reset for each journey. With the TA22X system once you have programmed in the ideal cold tyre pressure you need do nothing more. You would only need to “reset” the system if you wish to make a change such as adding more sensors or altering the ideal cold tyre pressure to accommodate different loads.

  12. Hi, Which unit would you recommend for a motorhome towing a car on aframe, a total of eight wheels?

    • For this, you need TA22 with a total of eight sensors – TA22/8

      If it is more than about 7 or 8 metres from the car trailer to the cab of the motorhome, you would also need a signal booster located on the trailer or at the back of the motorhome.

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