Tyre pressure monitoring system spares and replacements

Prices shown inclusive of VAT

Sensor batteries

Sensor battery Lithium cell CR1632 – Fits all TyrePal sensors except Solar 4 sensors . £2.26 buy now

Solar/ TB/ TC series spares and accessories

TB99/CL – Charging lead – £6.00 CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK
SENS/BT2 – Battery replacement tool for TCSB or TCSN-3 sensor – £1.00 buy now
TCSB/LK – Locking keys for TCSB sensors (pack of 2) – £1.00 buy now
TCSB/GS – Grub screws for TCSB sensors (pack of 4) – £1.00 buy now
SENS/VS1 – Valve seals for TCSB or TCSN-3 sensors (pack of 4)  – £1.00 buy now
SENS/OR2 O-rings (pack of 4) for TCSB or TCSN-3 sensors £1.20 buy now
SENS/OR3 O-rings (pack of 4) for TCSE sensors £1.20 buy now
TCSN-3 sensor for TC215B, Solar 6 and TB99 systems £33 including VAT buy now
TCSU sensor for Solar 4 system £33 including VAT buy now
TCSE External sensor 188psi with security shroud for TC215E series £36.00 buy now
TCSE/LK Locking key for TCSE sensor £0.60 buy now
TCSE/OR Pk 4 O-rings for TCSE series sensors £1.20 buy now
TCSF Flow-through sensor 188psi for TC215 series £36.00buy now
TCSF/LK Locking key for TCSF sensor £0.60 buy now
TCSF/OR Pk 4 O-rings for TCSF series sensors £1.20 buy now
TC215/MH2 –  Monitor holder  £6.00  buy now

TC215 MH-2

SPAD/1 – 80mm x 80mm Sticky Pad – Price £1.00  (£0.83 + VAT) buy now

Smart Signal Repeater (trailer transceiver)

TCRR_600For long vehicles such as buses or HGVs with trailers, a smart relay is recommended to increase the data transmission range from the sensors in the rear tyres. It is normally only required where the distance from the rear wheels to the monitor is more than 7 metres. In this application, it acts as a simple signal booster.

In fleets where trailers are regularly exchanged, the relay is used in smart mode to simplify exchanging trailers. One is fitted to each trailer, where it stores the trailer’s ID and tyre alert settings. When a trailer is connected, pushing a button on the relay sets up a data connection with the monitor in the cab.

The smart relay operates from the 12 to 24V vehicle power supply and is supplied with a fuse-protected connecting lead.
TCRR Smart Signal Repeater 12 to 24V £45 excl VAT buy now

Three-way adaptors

Three-way adapters enable tyres to be inflated without removing the sensors. These are particularly useful for vehicles with twin wheels where access to the valve may be restricted.  The weight of the adaptors must be adequately supported. Not suitable for use with TA22 series.

Three-way adaptor

Three-way adaptor

Three-way adapter £12.95 including VAT
including VAT buy now


TA22 spares and accessories

The TA22 series products are now discontinued. Please contact us for information on availability of spares

TA22X/LK Locking key for TA22 series £0.60
TA22X/LR Locking ring and screw for TA22 series £0.60
TA22X/MH Monitor holder – universal £6.00
TA22X/OR Pk 4 O-rings for TA22 series sensors £1.20

TD series 60psi sensors for car

The TD series products are now discontinued. Please contact us for information on availability of spares

Monitor holder TD series only £5.00
Power lead, 12V for TD series only £5.00