TD4100 – Motorbike handlebar mounted TPMS

Sorry, this product is discontinued

  • Clearly displays your bike’s tyre pressures

  • Alerts you with bright flashing LEDs if the pressure or temperature of a tyre goes outside the warning range you set

  • Press button to see tyre temperatures

TD4100 with sensors isolated_600

Neat waterproof monitor clips to the handlebar and continuously shows the pressure of the tyres. In the event of any abnormality, the bright red warning LEDs flash to alert you to the problems.

  • Get warning of tyre problems
  • Keep tyres at optimum pressure for economy and safety
  • Monitors both pressure and temperature
  • Backlight for night use

Even if you check your tyre pressures before every ride, a slowly falling pressure can easily go unnoticed and make a tyre overheat, ultimately causing a blowout. The TyrePal warns you if a dangerous condition arises and also helps you keep tyres at optimum pressure for best tyre wear and fuel economy.

For track and race users, the system is ideal for setting up the tyres and checking when they are properly warmed up.

Set up is simple. The system is battery operated so there’s no wiring and no need to remove the tyres. The sensors come with locking collars to prevent theft, are just 20mm diameter and length, and weigh only 10g so there’s usually no need to even rebalance the wheels after fitting. For security, the slim monitor can be unclipped and slipped into a pocket.

TD4100 is supplied complete with monitor, two sensors, mounting bracket and batteries.

Sorry, this product is discontinued

Versatile mounting options

TyreaPAL handlebar mounted tpms

The universal mounting bracket can be clamped to the handlebar in various configurations or bolted directly to the brake fluid reservoir




TD4100 – Motorbike handlebar mounted TPMS — 18 Comments

    • Unfortunately this product has been discontinued, and is not currently expected to be replaced in our product line.

  1. Hi, What is the maximum range between the sensors and the display. Might seem like a strange question but I’d like to know if can transfer them from the bike to a caravan on the odd occasions for long distance runs. I guess the distance is about 10m from wheels to dash of the car, however if you can tell me the maximum distance that would be useful.

  2. Hi, very practical and neatly packed for handle bar use, easy to setup and operate. Very well priced too.
    I had a look at other manufacturers, but preferred yours.

    • Thanks for pointing this out. The system can display pressure units in psi, Kpa, bar, or Kg/cm2.
      Temperature in C or F.
      The specification summary has been amended.

  3. Is there any difference in accuracy/quality/reliability between the keyfob and than handlebar mounted versions?

    • There is no difference in the accuracy, quality or reliability bewtween the Key Fob and Handlebar mounted versions.
      However the Key Fob version has now been phased out in favour of the handlebar mount.
      The Key Fob version is thus no longer available for purchase.

    • The TD 4100 monitor measures 67mm x 63mm x 20mm.
      It weighs approximately 66grammes, including the battery.

      The sensors are cylindrical and have a height of 20mm and diameter of 20mm.
      They weigh less than 10grammes.

  4. Hi – question about Td4100’s – do you need to replace rubber valves with steel ones to compensate for the extra weight of the sensors(I’m worried that they may tear the valves?) – or are they safe to use with any valve? I’ve heard of bikers leaving things like valve extenders or LCD light caps on their tyres and the valve being ripped away due to the extra weight as the tyre spins.
    Many thanks, Andy.

    • Hello, there should be no need to change the valve stems if using in “Normal” road conditions.
      At approximately 9g the weight should be of little consquence.
      That said, most of our “Track & Race” enthusiasts prefer to use metal valve stems as their operating speeds are much higher.

    • Yes the batteries are CR1632 and they last about a year.
      They are fairly widely available from retailers or we can supply them at £2.26 each

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