TyrePal TPMS Ready

Monitor kit for TyrePal TPMS Ready caravans and trailers

TC215OEK Monitor-1 This kit is designed to monitor the pressure and temperature of wheels and tyres that have been factory-fitted with TyrePal internal sensors. Additional external sensors can be purchased to monitor spare wheels or the tyres on the towing car. The TC215/OEK monitor kit contains the following components:
  • Monitor
  • Windscreen suction mount
  • Charging lead
  • Instruction manual

Special price for monitor kit and additional sensors ordered together

Order additional sensors for spare tyre or tow car together with the monitor kit and save up to £5 per sensor.
TC215/OEK monitor kit, £90 including VAT buy now
TC215/ESK external sensor kit
TC215/OEK with TC215/ESK (special price when ordered together)

What it does

The system continuously monitors tyre pressure and temperature while the caravan is in motion and gives distinct alerts in the event of:
  • Rapid pressure loss
  • Low tyre pressure
  • High tyre pressure
  • High tyre or wheel temperature
The TC215 system can monitor up to 22 tyres on a car and trailer, but once the sensors are registered to the monitor, it only displays the wheel positions where sensors are registered. See more information on the TC215 system for caravans here.


TyrePal TPMS Ready — 2 Comments

  1. I have a 2014 Bailey unicorn 2vigo, but my van is not fitted with tyrepal tpms, I bought my van brand new from michael Jordan bailey dealership, August last year,so how come my van is not fitted with tyre pal.

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