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User manual and a step-by-step setup guide are available as pdf files. Download below:
TC215B User manual: Download pdf here
TC215B Step-by-step setup guide : Download pdf here
TCRR Signal repeater Download pdf here

If you have TC215B monitor and have purchased a TyrePal TPMS Ready caravan or trailer, you can register the sensors to your existing monitor. The procedure is described in the manual for the TC215OEK monitor


This next troubleshooting video helps diagnose problems by giving some general tips on how TyrePal systems work


Here are some frequently asked questions. Click on the question to see the answer.

TC215B - Before purchase questions

Does the display light up in the dark?

Yes. The backlight turns on automatically when it gets dark and if the vehicle is in motion. It turns off when it is light or when the monitor is in sleep mode. Press any button to turn the backlight on manually.

On TB99, the brightness can be adjusted in four steps: off – dim – medium – bright by pressssing the
DOWN (-) button briefly to step through the optons. It helps if you cover the light sensor while  making this adjustement, so the light stays on.

If the light does not come on automatically in the dark, check this adjustment to turn it on.


Does the system have to be wired in?

No. TC215 and TB99 systems are powered by an internal rechargeable battery.

A full charge takes 2.5 hours and provides about 28 hours operation, or four week’s driving at one hour per day. It is not harmed by partial charging and does not have to be fully discharged before recharging. If the power is low, a battery warning icon will appear. It should be charged using the supplied lead.

The systems can be permanently wired if required and TC215 heavy duty systems are supplied with a fused connector for this purpose.

Are all the tools provided?

The only tool needed for the system is the locking key for the security system. That is included in the set.

Aren’t the sensors easily stolen?

Not really.  Sensors can be locked in position so that they require a tool to remove them. This prevents casual theft.

Do I have to remove the sensors to put air in the tyres?

Yes, but of course, you can check the tyre pressures with the monitor, so it is only necessary when air needs to be added or removed.

For heavy vehicles, we can supply systems that don’t need the tyres to be removed. These use air through sensors or sensors that fit inside the tyres.


What type of battery is used in the tyre valve sensors and how easy are these to replace?

Batteries for the sensors are flat lithium cells, CR1632, widely available, and you can order them here.

They should last at least a year in normal use (up to two years for TC215B/TB99 sensors). Replacing them only takes a few moments, just unscrew the outer cover from the sensor, slip the new battery into place and replace the cover. As you replace the cover, take care that the rubber o-ring is correctly seated and is in good condition.

What is the weight of the sensors and will the wheels need rebalancing after fitting?

The TC215B and TB99 sensors weigh only 9g with batteries. This is within the normal tolerance for wheel balancing, so rebalancing is not normally required.

Can I get extra sensors to use one monitor for two vehicles?

This is not really practical and the simplest way to use a single monitor on two vehicles is to switch the sensors from one vehicle to another.

The reason is because when you register additional sensors, the new sensor replaces any existing sensor in the same location. On systems designed to monitor more than four wheels, you can register additional sensors to new positions, but if you use this for two different vehicles, you will get ‘no-signal’ error messages from the vehicle that is not in use.

Don’t the external sensors corrode?

TyrePal TB99 and TC215 sensors have a brass thread which is very resistant to corrosion when used on normal tyre valves with a brass thread.

Corrosion occurs mostly where different metals are in contact in the presence of an electrolyte like salty water.  Some specialised tyre valve stems are made of aluminium. We do not recommend using the system with this type of valve as corrosion will occur where the different metals are in contact.

How do I adjust the alert levels between towing and going solo?

With TC215 systems, you simply reset the alert levels as required.

  • In standby mode, press and hold the SET button for 3 seconds. Release after the beep.
  • Press the SET button repeatedly to scroll through the different settings and press the + or – buttons to adjust the setting.
  • Press and hold the SET button again for three seconds to save the settings and exit the settings mode.

The new settings take immediate effect

TC215B - Help questions

How do I change pressure units from PSI to Bar

In standby mode, press and hold the SET button for 3 seconds. Release after the beep. Press the SET button repeatedly to scroll through the different settings and press the + or – buttons to adjust the setting.

For further information please refer to the user manual

What alarm levels should I set?

For general motoring we recommend that you set your levels at 20% above the level recommended by the vehicle manufacturer and 15% below the recommended level. For example if your vehicle has recommended “normal” tyre pressures of 35psi front and 40psi rear, you would set your front “high pressure” level at 42psi, rear at 48psi, and the front “low pressure” level at 30psi and rear at 34psi.

For temperature setting, we recommend using the factory preset of 70C. This is high enough to avoid spurious alerts in normal driving and low enough to give an alert in the event of a tyre overheating.

Track and race users are trying to squeeze optimum performance from the vehicle so tend to set closer tolerances, whereas other users may prefer to avoid nuisance alarms and be content to just have a warning if things are going wrong.

What temperature alert setting should I use?

The high temperature alert can be left at the factory default for most users. It cannot be set below 70 degrees on most models. This is intentional to avoid false alerts.

This temperature will not be reached in normal operation, but will be reached if a sidewall is overstressed and in danger of a blowout or fire. It may also be reached if the wheel is overheating due to brakes binding or a wheel bearing problem.

Please note that the sensor is not measuring tyre tread temperature to enable performance to be optimised for a particular tyre rubber compound. It is measuring the temperature of the sensor located on the valve stem, which could be higher or lower than the tread temperature. The sensor is reasonably well thermally connected to the tyre, and this is sufficiently sensitive to give alerts when needed.

One of the sensors on my Tyrepal alerted me to high pressure, 80 psi when the display usually shows 78.What may have caused this please? Is there anything I need to check before going out again?

The system is working normally and is telling you that the pressure is above the alert level you have set.
As the spring and summer approaches and (we hope) ambient temperature rises, you will need to let some air out of the tyres to keep them at the correct operating pressues. The system is reminding you to do this.
If your normal pressure is 78psi, it would be better to set the high alert level nearer to 85psi to allow for the normal increases while you are driving and to avoid unncessary alerts.

How do I adjust the alert levels between towing and going solo?

With TC215 systems, you simply reset the alert levels as required.

  • In standby mode, press and hold the SET button for 3 seconds. Release after the beep.
  • Press the SET button repeatedly to scroll through the different settings and press the + or – buttons to adjust the setting.
  • Press and hold the SET button again for three seconds to save the settings and exit the settings mode.

The new settings take immediate effect

The tyre pressures are not displayed while the caravan is parked. Has something gone wrong?

This is normal and nothing has gone wrong.

The monitor and sensors go into a sleep mode to conserve battery power when the vehicle is stationary. After a few minutes of driving with the caravan, the system updates fully and shows the current tyre pressures.

The sensors supplied with theTC215B systems stop transmitting to save battery power when the vehicle has been stationary for several minutes. When the monitor wakes (after a door is opened for example), the unit will display the cycling around the monitored tyres but with no pressures or temperatures shown. It will also chirp at each monitored position. Once you begin to drive, within a few hundred metres the monitor will display the pressures and temperatures and the chirping will cease.

If the monitor does not receive a signal from a sensor for some time, the display for that particular sensor goes blank and the system gives a brief chirp. If this occurs while the vehicle is moving, there is a problem receiving the signal from that tyre which can sometimes be caused by temporary interference from surrounding radio signals.

I’ve lost one of the sensors, can I get a replacement ?

Yes, for most systems, just go to the product page and you will see additional sensors listed. These can be registered for any tyre position.

There are additional TC215 support pages here, but these pages refer to versions of TC215 using heavy duty sensors. Please note that the data sent by the heavy duty sensors differs slightly from that sent by the compact sensors used on TC215B. Some aspects of the system operation are also therefore different.


TC215B Support — 13 Comments

  1. Hello and regards
    I have a 38 ft Motorhome to which I would like to equip with your System TC215B 10 sensor system
    The Vehicule has 6 Tyres and I would like to Get 8 External Lockable Valve to have an 4 Extra when pulling a trailer
    Also I expect as the Vehicule is long and a Sgnal Repeater would be needed
    Is it also possible to get the VAT removal as The purchased would be made through the Company
    I am based in France

    • Yes, we would recommend using a signal repeater with this set-up.
      You can order from France directly on our web site.
      Prices are shown including VAT, but when you go to the checkout, you have the option to give your European company VAT number. When you have given the number, the charge to your credit card will be calculated without VAT.

  2. Hi
    I have a tyre pal system for my current caravan and it has the screw type sensors, however I’m just about to upgrade my caravan to the new 2016 bailey unicorn which i believe comes with built in sensors, will my tyre pal system work with these or do i need to replace it for a newer model.


    • Hi Thank you for your comment, if it is a TC215B monitor then it will work with the new sensors. You will need to disconnect the current sensors and connect the new internal sensors. If your monitor is a TB99 then unfortunately this model does not work with internal sensors. If you require a manual for this please contact us and we will be happy to send one out to you, for any further information please contact us again

  3. Hello Tony, we are sorry to hear about the issues you are having with your TyrePal product. We would like to contact you directly with the email you have supplied with your comment.

  4. Hi,
    Have just received a repeater from TyrePal as i was not getting a stable transmission from the caravan sensors.
    Have fitted the repeater to the front of the caravan but ther are no instructions how to setup. There is a red light and a button on the unit but what are they for.

    • Thank you for your enquiry, The signal repeater does not need setting up to act as a sensor booster, it works automatically as long as there is power to the repeater. The red light indicates that the power is connected, and the button is used when the signal repeater is used for smart trailer swapping in commercial vehicle situations.

  5. Hi

    I want to fit a tyre pressure monitoring system to my caravan, but not sure which to choose.

    Does tyrepal fit all tyres/valves or only certain ones?

    • TC215B us the ideal system for a car and caravan or for just a caravan. The sensors screw on to the tyre valves, so they are a a universal fit.

  6. I have one of your systems aTC215B . With 8 sensors I would like to delete two sensor locations as i am changing to a different vehicle. Could you tell me how to do this as I cannot see it any where in the instruction book. Thank you Martin kirby.

    • The simplest way to delete the two unwanted sensor positions is to register the sensors to existing wheel positions. This procedure overwrites the original registration.

  7. Hi have two sensors not working I think its the batteries are dead I purchased the TC215B Feb/March this year.

    • The sensor batteries normally last up to two years, so it is very unlikely that the batteries are dead so soon. They are probably in ‘sleep’ mode. Note that to extend battery life, the sensors go into a ‘sleep’ mode when the vehicle is not moving. They start to transmit again as the wheels rotate.

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