Our tyre pressure monitoring systems are available for all types of vehicle. Click on an image for more information. For help in selecting products for a particular application, please see our applications page.

TyrePal TB99

For cars and vans

TyrePal tyre pressure monitor

Monitors 4 or 5 tyres

TyrePal TC215B

Caravan/motorhome system

Tyre pressure monitor

With compact sensors

TyrePal TC series

Heavy duty system

tyre pressure monitor on mount

For HGVs and buses

TyrePal TC38

Heavy haulage system

TC38 can monitor up to 38 tyres

Monitors up to 38 tyres

TyrePal TeleTPMS

Remote tyre pressure monitoring


For commercial fleets

TyrePal CANbus system

TPMS for vehicle OEMs

TyrePal CANbus TPMS module

For vehicle builders

Spares & accessories

Batteries, sensors and more
spares and accessories

Discontinued products

The following products are no longer available from stock, but we may be to offer spare parts and on line support. Please visit the product pages for details and contact us for any queries.

TyrePal TA22

Ideal for caravans
TA22 tyre pressure monitor

TyrePal TA400

High pressure – sealed sensors
TA22 tyre pressure monitor

TyrePal TD1000

Four wheel 60psi system
Horse trailer tyre pressure monitor

TyrePal TD1200

Four wheel 180psi system
Horse trailer tyre pressure monitor

TyrePal TD2200

Six wheel 180 psi system
Tyre pressure monitor for six wheels

TyrePal TD4000

Motorbike system

TyrePal TD4100

Motorbike system
TD4100 motorbike tyre pressure monitor